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Our flagship sale

As you may know, we created many prototypes and chose some of those prototypes for pre-order (group buy). You and we know that it is not an effective way to maintain our creativity activities since we created something that is unusual. From this point toward, we will make a flagship sale (20-30 keycaps) for each design to test the making process as well as to check the interest of the community. We want to ensure that every keycap come out of our studio is in the best condition.


There is some characteristic of those flagship sales you need to know:

  1. It is first come, first serve.
  2. It takes ten days to produce those pre-order
  3. The price may higher or lower than the actual price (in case we want to make a larger sale for it)
  4. It will come with a small gift as acknowledge for supporting us on the flagship sale
  5. We only start the pre-order (group buy) after all of the flagship sales arrive at their buyer keyboard.
  6. One to one replacement is applied for this flagship sale.

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