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Flagship sale & another group-buy

Hi friends,

Thank you for participating in this flagship sale. I didn’t expect that it sold out that fast. This is the first time to hold this kind of sale, so there are many unexpecting things happen such as it gone so fast, or Paypal doesn’t catch your order quick enough. 

I do apologize for any inconvenience that causes you, but eventually, we have a lively moment both “negatively”e and “positively.” I think this is very common in this community, and it is why we enjoy of staying with this hobby.

We can assure you that there are nothing shady about this:

We publish the sale link, set the time and announce it to as many people as we can, who happen to follow or give us their contact information. I know that we can’t reach 100%, but we tried our best
We patiently wait, like you guys, for the time to come to set the stock as soon as possible and to check if something wrong would happen.
Paypal did all the thing to capture your transaction, which is beyond our reach.
You waited for it; we waited for it as well. The sale happened in a blind of an eye. I couldn’t communicate immediately with everyone. But we did it on our Discord server.
For the Enter the Stars and production timeline. Enter the start will be shipped to MassDrop by the end of next week since we want to wait to get fully claim of people that followed the GB.

Some people ask why we said that would wait until we finish all of the production before making another sale. We keep our word, that why we just hold a small sale to test the production.

Oasis/Raindance will be finished deliver from May 15-May 20.

Currently, we are making the mold for Guardian of the East and Jelly Cake. The Nebula will be produced between the waiting time only.

Hope that help to clean out something, If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you
Jelly Key team


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