Work in process Shangri La - Craftmanships

Work in process Shangri La

Shangri La Keycap’s new steady stems and steady future

Shangri La keycaps series group-buy had closed for weeks and we’re working on its strict crafting process.

We’re also elated to announce that we’re launching a more durable Cherry MX stem for Shangri La Keycap series and our future artisan keycaps. After had improved a series of keycap stem, we’ve been achieving many positive feedbacks and less complain about keycap’s stem errors. But we want it to be better more.

We have been applying a brand new substance for our keycaps’ stems, more durable and flexible. Although you may find it’s hard to feel its flexibility range, but in fact, it adapts well with many different dimensions of MX Cherry stems.

There are much rejoicing over this improvement to us because Jelly Key has been working on these stem quality for months. A stunning keycap must be firstly a useable keycap. Don’t you agree?

Hopefully you’ll love it when our new products come to you.

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