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It takes real effort to carry out Shangri La Keycap

Hello friends!

After a long time preparing and had started the journey, some of Jelly Key’s friends has just made their first step to the Shangri La holy land, and now they’re sharing us their very first photos of this challenging destination. We’ve also got their permission to share those photos to you. We’re even impressive with a macro photo, showed the imposing mountains and trees growing on the mountains’ edges. What a mesmerizing land!

We’re fairly cheerful by this special concerning, with incredible details that showed in the photos, worthed a thousand words of what we did. We had worked with some components that are measured by millimeter making Shangri La keycap. Our craftsmen spent their lots of time and effort did hand painting and sticking tiny plankton-like grasses on the keycap. Especially, they had to carefully form the Shangri La flows, so they can look as much naturally as possible.

shangri la

Hues and saturations accurately to carry on tough process of hand painting “inside the keycap”. We all know that human nervous system is far more different than machines that can make mass production with an exact parameter and rarely causes a fault. But our craftsman, who worked with tiny details and repeated those processes again and again without making mistakes, is a strict requirement for those nerves, hormones-controlled bodies and emotional heads. Nevertheless, they eventually did it. Relatively crafted standard identical keycaps by hands, one by one.

Therefore we’ll be very elated to receive your satisfied feedbacks and photos, it will encourage our team greatly more than anything else.

Jelly Key love you.

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