8-bit series III: Neon era artisan keycaps

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In the previous 8-bit series, we have learned how the super trio Mika, Louie, and Black saved the Pipeline City and brought justice back to this pixel world. The Pipeline City is growing exponentially, with a strong focus on robotics and machine learning development. The whole city now resembles a video game scene in the 50s. However, it comes with a futuristic setting.

Everything starts with a change

The government has decided to reform the city to “take the Pipeline City to the next level”. They ask the scientists to create the most advanced robot generation with all the cutting-edge technology possible. The government will, in return, fund the research and support them financially to address any scientists’ age-old desire: conquering new knowledge and discovering scientific breakthroughs. It is the classic relationship between the government and scientists.

They are looking for humanoid machines that can learn and execute human activities, which can help revolutionise the city and go beyond whatever human beings have ever achieved. But that’s not all. The government has yearned for a top military system backed by robotic technology so that it can help them defeat other cities in this pixel world. One Pipeline City is never enough.

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Science does it all

The scientists, or should we say, the lab rats of Pipeline City, are then gathered to do extensive research and countless experiments to produce the “killer bots” just like the government wants. After the birth of these upgraded robots, Pipeline City is changing more radically than it ever has. The robots have helped transform the whole landscape into one that should not have been until 200 years later. The pipes are now “smart pipes”, controlled from underneath by a system of interconnected mega telecom lines.

Each city fabric is embedded with a network of nano-sensors, recording any conceivable piece of data into a city-wide memory system. The citizens of Pipeline City can now extract any information stored in this public system in a blink of an eye, as long as they are online. That’s how accessible the city has become.

It also destroys

There is so much to explore in such a big city with its reformed political and socio-economic policy. These robots certainly have crafted a glorious city, but they also have decided to rule it. With unique self-learning features, the robots have adapted to the way humans think, do, and react; and eventually become the more advanced species both physically and mentally. They now possess everything they need to overthrow the government and only spare ones who agree to serve them.

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But it can’t destroy this!

This is where the ones who disagree with these killer bots show up. Mika, Louie, and Black are the only electricity-powered citizens in Pipeline City who decide to fight against the evil bots. The legendary trio has brought together all humans that still haven’t been killed by the newly robot government and formed a mighty army. With the combat skills that none of these advanced robots can predict, Mika, Louie, and Black have an epic battle with them. Support from Pipeline humans is another factor to help them win back the city. The terrorist robots finally have to subdue and hand over the power to the most deserving citizens: the trio of Mika, Louie, and Black.

Secret ingredients!

We use a special type of resin and different materials to create other scenes in this design. This particular resin also needs twice as much time as the standard resin to dry, with each colour layer and reflective scenes will glow under UV light. By doing this, we aim to bring an extraordinary gaming scene, illustrated in every keycap of this 8-bit series. A city that vividly blooms by day and magically moves by night.

Always 100% casting

But before we can craft such a glorious city, we must cast the base as any of our artisan collections. The casting process for 8-bit series III: Neon era artisan keycaps is similar to the previous edition. Each colour layer is cast in resin, taking about 10-12 hours to become dry. When the base is done, we will move on to process the characters inside each keycap. The time needed to cast these tiny details is also 8-10 hours. However, they are small, so we have to deal with many unqualified pieces after coming out of the moulds.

The art of miniatures

Next, we carefully clean all these components to secure them onto the base, which will be done by the hands of our artists. With the size of only 1.22 – 5.05 mm, you can imagine how difficult it is to colour these characters manually. Our team has to be highly cautious and skilled in applying the shadow paint and keeping the pieces intact.

Other than that, it is very difficult to handle the neon signs because they are extremely thin, especially after we remove them from the moulds. Our craftsmen have to be extra careful when attaching them to the base. But once the pieces are all fitted, they start coming together as a beautiful painting inside the keycap.

We made a whopping 84 characters in this 8-bit series III, with 4 colourways for you to choose from. There are also nine sizes in each SA and Cherry profile in the collection. After the scenes are completed, we will pour an overall layer of resin on top to cover the keycap. When all are firm and filled with colours, they will be cleaned, packaged, and ready to be sent to you!

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gaming keycaps

Gift: un-cover resin spacebar & sticker

There will be some surprises for you in this collection. Besides the regular keycaps covered with resin, we have another fantastic design without the resin layer! All the scenes, characters, and effects will be more visible with these unique keycaps. Keep in mind each of these incredible details is also made through casting entirely by our talented Jelly Key artisans.

Among 4 sets of colours available, When you purchase an “all size” keycap, you’ll be gifted this special spacebar.

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We will put one random sticker in the keycaps box (our sticker collection with 12 characters in this 8-bit series). If you buy more than 12 keycaps, you will receive a complete set sticker (no overlap).

There are not a lot of sticker sets for this group buy (we print and cut by ourselves, I have just purchased a good printer for this job, you will see), and they will be limited to those who place orders first.

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