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Men v. Droids – untold stories artisan keycaps

When madness and greatness come together, what will happen? This is how Christopher – a very special boy – became a surgeon and how fate has led his way to be more than that.

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When madness and greatness come together, what will happen? This is how Christopher – a very special boy – became a surgeon and how fate has led his way to be more than that.

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a bit of Christopher

Christopher was born into a family without a mother. He grew up with his father since he was only two years old, one of the critical stages of raising a child that needs the presence of both parents the most. And yet, he was deprived of that basic privilege which everyone in this world should have. Understanding this great hardship that Christopher had to undergo at such a young age, his father devoted his entire love and energy to him. He vowed on his wife’s death that he would do everything to make up for this loss and raise Christopher in a way that any child should be treated. From that moment on, the life of this miserable father revolved around only two things: Christopher and his mechanical robot creations.

a cyber era in Christopher’s life

The father was an uncredited robot scientist who had spent most of his life making these intelligent machines for a great cause: to help and assist human beings achieve more than just what needs to be done in their day-to-day lives. He owned an incredible robot collection and often used it with Christopher to do all kinds of experiments together: assembling the parts, learning the functions of each piece inside, or even taking a ride on the robot’s shoulder around the house.

But most of all, Christopher’s favorite thing to do with his father was to build a robot from scratch. This meant he got to create the robot’s framework sketch, then choose the platform to program it, “build the brain”, which was arguably the most important step in making a robot, and finally produce the shell. The duo went ahead and immersed themselves in this irresistible passion of making upgraded versions of labor-saving machines that humans have long been spending tons of time and money to do. These developments all paved the way for today’s vision of our robotic future, not just of Christopher’s.

For certain kinds of robots, the “brain” would need to be compatible with specific components. We’re talking about laser scanner, motor drivers, touch sensors, or even accommodating messaging connectivity. It was very often that they had to upgrade cyberware implants for the robots; which was quite difficult to find as there were times they had to resort to black markets for the desired parts such as frontal cortex, ocular, circulatory, immune, nervous system, etc. This explained why the father wanted more than a robot just to clean the houses or do the dishes. He wanted them to be communicative, subtly sophisticated, and revolutionary.

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accident comes, but life has to go on

But there’s this thing that we all have to admit in life: nothing lasts forever. Christopher’s father died of an accident while fixing a robot when he was only 15. Utterly devastated and broken-hearted, Christopher had to move to live in an attic just below the roof of a clock tower in the city, as he had nowhere else to go. He didn’t take anything with him but the one item that his father left to him after he passed away: an ultra-special robot that carried his father’s lifetime work – Debra.

However, Debra needed a unique key that was specially customized by Christopher’s father in order to be operated. And that key was never found. As much as Christopher tried even though he learned a lot from his father about robots, he couldn’t start Debra. Eventually, to his disappointment and frustration, it was put in the corner of the room, covered by dust as days went by.

…and it goes on the right track

Just like fate had led the way for Christopher to find his true passion, the clock tower that he was living in was right in front of an anatomy & physiology library. One day, Christopher walked into the library by accident, picked up one book, and just like that he was immediately drawn into this extraordinary science of anatomy just from the very first page. Amazed by how magically the human body and organ works, he immersed himself in these books and decided that he would do everything to become a surgeon and physiologist to discover more wonder in the miraculous body machine.

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he learned from the heart, literally!

Christopher started learning. He learned after he woke up, during his lunch, and even before he went to bed. Papers and documentation of human anatomy, anatomical function, biomechanics, bone structure scattered all over his room. Countless studies on organ systems like skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular systems, etc. lay everywhere on the floor. Christopher related himself to each lesson he learned, he listened to his heartbeat to moderate the average heart rate, he pressed around his body to feel each organ doing their job, he twisted his back to identify every position in the bone structure. Just like that, Christopher grew into a wise young man with extensive knowledge of human’s anatomy. All he needed to become a surgeon was to be educated in a medical school, and it was like a breeze for him.

After years of studying and hard work, Christopher was finally graduated and honored to be one of the top students. Without any hesitation, he plunged into the work and quickly became the most rising talented surgeon in the city hospital. He saved countless lives thanks to his amazing hands and passion for this field of science. If the father was devoted to robot mechanics his entire life, the son had that exact same amount of love and passion, but this time it’s for organ transplant surgeries.

it’s time for debra to become alive

One day, Christopher went back to the place he grew up in – the tiny attic nestled under the city clock tower – to pack all his essential things as he’s now able to move out and live in a bigger house. He stumbled upon the one thing that’s more important than any others: the robot named Debra that his father left for him just right after he died. It was covered by a large piece of cloth with a thick layer of dust, sitting unnoticed in the corner of the room for years.

He came up with an idea that’s crazy enough to make the whole humankind to be afraid of him. Christopher wanted to build Debra into a fully functional robot with real human organs inside! As there’s no other way to start Debra, this might be the only chance that Christopher can bring back the only thing from his father. With no second thoughts, he took the robot back to his home and began the journey to relive Debra. After years of trying and experimenting, Christopher was finally confident enough to hit the power button for Debra. Five seconds later, Debra opens her eyes.

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