Retro TV series - Life on planets artisan keycaps

Retro TV series – Life on planets artisan keycap

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TV designs : RBY Monitor
TV screens : Milky Way Greetings
TV sizes : 1u keycaps
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retro tv series
keycaps marker artwork

We all know the moon only shines at night, often surrounded by hundreds of stars to make even more beautiful scenery. A big sphere of warm, yellow glow with bright, sparkling dots light up the sky at its best. But when the day comes, it disappears and is replaced by another shining globe.

This just doesn’t come up naturally. Because everything happens for a reason 😉

Why does the moonshine?

Humans on Earth have proved to significantly enjoy the beauty of the moonlight, especially when it’s in the full moon cycle. There’s abundant evidence of this: ancient folklore of humans shapeshifting into a werewolf on the night of a full moon, the Asians even celebrate a specific festival for it. Then they invent a term called “the Moon phase”, which sounds very catchy and makes perfect sense as to why it shines proportionally at certain times of a month. But these are all made possible by a robot guarding the Moon, which shapes like no other usual robot.

TV does it!

Up in the sky where you can see the Moon at night, there’s a TV robot working very hard every day to make sure it lights up at the right time. He is built to function perfectly on the Moon, including adapting to its hostile weather and climate, extreme temperature change, and the distinctly unheavenly surface on this satellite planet of the Earth. Most importantly, the robot’s head is particularly designed like a TV screen to help him accomplish his daily mission of monitoring light on the Moon. He gets to record the amount of light of previous days, therefore makes the right decision of how bright the Moon should be today. Every day when his work is done, he always sits down on the edge of the largest crater and watches a hundred scenes of the Moon and stars again and again without getting bored. His TV screen has everything he needs when living on the Moon.

retro tv series – life on planets artisan keycap 091

Trouble from far away

Little does he know that millions of miles away from the peaceful Moon, there’s another fellow TV robot that is broken and stuck on Mars. She carries an important research mission on this planet but she doesn’t have a support team standby to help in emergency cases. While collecting rock samples to research Mars composition, she gets stuck in a sudden dust storm and several parts are blown away, which are all critical in order for her to function well. Her telecommunication system is damaged badly so she can’t contact her team for help.

Luckily, she still has one antenna left and after hours of failed connection to her team members, the Mars robot decides to send signals in another direction. She’s heading for the Moon. Something tells her this can be her only chance to survive. Something tells her she can help from the Moon.

retro tv series – life on planets artisan keycap 137
retro tv series – life on planets artisan keycap 136

The TV comes to the rescue

And she is right! The Moon TV robot receives her signals when he is chilling on the crater bay, counting stars and meteors. Realizing this is a matter of life and death, he rushes to locate her coordinates and plans for the rescue. However, he can’t get her exact location as the Mars robot’s navigational system is broken, so the only way for him to know where she is is to talk to each other through their connected TV. They swap their TV screens so they can see the other’s place and take turns describing the location. Little by little, he comes closer to her and manages to fix her communication system. After this, the Mars TV robot contacts her team members and she is taken back to her station to get a thorough checkup.

A planet duo

The Moon and Mars TV robots have become best friends ever since. They talk to each other every day, through their TV screens where he can show her how beautiful the moonlight is and she can explain to him how the weather on Mars can be improved.

Remember, talk to the Moon!

When in doubt, send your prayers to the Moon. Maybe one day it will answer you!

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big tv art toy
retro tv series – life on planets artisan keycap 137

One big ol’ TV!

We have begun making artisan keycaps since 2015 and after all those years this is the very first time we’ve produced a big keycap, having 77 times the volume of the 1u keycap (its 74-mm bottom side is 4 times longer than the 1u keycap’s).

The steps to produce this keycap were completely different, from prototyping to the time it took to treat the surface of the outer case, middle case, and inner pieces. We spent nearly a week building a final prototype to create a compatible mould. As the mould was much bigger, it required another method to produce.

The pieces in this size were larger so we had to do more work than 1u keycap in resin casting and color mixing. Casting each piece took twice as much time as when we did normally, if not three times (around 8 hours on average to dry). Per coloring, if the first layer didn’t dry completely, it could be mixed up when applying the second layer to the mold, or even be damaged as it’s not dry enough to stick to the mold.

We still used a whole block of wood for packaging, but it must be bigger. It was also more difficult when choosing wood for our round box in terms of the block’s surface and thickness. This had to be done with strict requirement to reach a consistency between the lid and body of the box.

retro tv series – life on planets artisan keycap 116

TV making at its best

retro tv series – life on planets artisan keycap 110
retro tv series – life on planets artisan keycap 111

These stunning TVs are so fun to watch, but they’re not easy to make. Now let’s discover step by step how the Jelly Key team produces the latest collection of Retro TV series – Life on planets artisan keycaps.

First thing first, always the base

As usual, first, we cast the base in layers of colours, each of which needs approximately 8-10 hours to dry. There are details in the base that are cast with extreme care. Other key pieces in the collection such as circuit board, screen tube, speaker, etc. are also cast in separate moulds. Only when every detail dries completely can we move on to the next step.

Securing the components after casting requires skilled workmanship with precision. They have to be placed in the exact position according to the design and carefully cleaned afterwards to move to the next step.

Good TVs need double cases

After the tiny characters are secured to the base, we start moulding the first outer case. It takes roughly 16-24 hours for them to dry completely. The cases then go through a process of surface treatment, while our artisans begin colouring the inside pieces.

You can feel the transparency of the first layer, highlighted by coloured lines and covering the TV components. When seen from outside through the second case, these lines will look as if they’re floating in the air. This is what we want to emphasize by this layer.

QC, clean,… and we’re done!

Casting the overall crystal case is the final step, taking up to 24 hours for the resin to fully dry. These solid keycaps are properly cleaned to go through our strict quality control process afterwards.

The overall case’s surface is sanded by hand with many differently graded sandpapers. Another important step after that is final polishing by machine twice with our special finishing cream for the crystal resin layer.

Finally, the TVs are packaged and ready to be sent to you. Your favourite channel awaits!

Retro TV series – Life on planets Galery

retro tv series – life on planets artisan keycap 090
retro tv series – life on planets artisan keycap 122

Jess the Rosy TV

Viola Sororia Box

Pearly Whittivi

Reddish Telebox

Carrot Showtube

Steel Telly

RBY Monitor

Rustic Show Station

WBY Microtv

Cerulean Telemachine


  • MX stem
  • Profile: 1u keycaps
  • Big keycaps x32: 55.5mm x 55.5mm x 47.6mm (89.8cm3)
  • Big keycaps x77: 74mm x 74mm x 63.5mm (216,8cm3)
  • Design and Handcrafted by Jelly Key


1u keycaps

  • $9 per keycaps if you buy one.
  • $12 for 2 keycaps.
  • $16 for 3 keycaps.
  • $20 for 4 keycaps.
  • $20 for 5 keycaps.
  • Free shipping for 6 keycaps or more.

Big keycaps (art toy)

  • $16 per keycaps
  • Free shipping for 2 big keycaps or more.

group-buy information

  • Open time: 8/16/2021
  • Close time: 8/21/2021
  • Starting to Deliver after Groupbuy close: early than 80 days.
  • We could close the GB sooner than expected. So take your chance as soon as you can.

what is in the box?

  • 1 keycaps by Jelly Key.
  • 01 Medal dog-tag with engraved unique series number.
  • 01 Wooden box (big keycaps will have big wooden box).
  • A unique serial number is on the bottom of the keycap as well.


  • The keycap was made entirely by hand and tool. The final product may vary from the original photos but at an acceptable aspect. We would love to ask you to tolerate any reasonable differences.
  • With each artisan keycap from Jelly Key, we offer you a one-on-one replacement if there is a fault that causes by our artisan team. Feel free to contact us.

You can download some 4k widescreen wallpaper from this collection here

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TV designs

Jess the Rosy TV, Viola Sororia Box, Pearly Whittivi, Reddish Telebox, Carrot Showtube, Steel Telly, RBY Monitor, Rustic Show Station, WBY Microtv, Cerulean Telemachine, All TV design (1u – 10 colours)

TV screens

First Visitor, Milky Way Greetings, Milky Way Greetings (black), Rainbow Error, Welcome Earthers, How are you, From the other side, I am great, B&W Error, All screen (9 screens)

TV sizes

1u keycaps, Art toy – size x32, Art toy – size x77

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