Shipment of Typewriter and more

Hi friends,

Thank you for participating in Jelly Key. In the latest event, we would like to let you know that all of the Jelly Key artisan that you ordered (up to The Type Writer) has been shipped. By next week you will receive a notification email from us about the shipment of the Type Writer.

Every Jelly Key artisan keycap is the effort of both of you and Jelly Key team. You are the one who able us to handcraft this pieces of art, and you motivate us to move further in mechanical keyboard community.

With the Type Writer we would love to let you know that our artisan has fulfilled their part before the deadline around a haft of a month. Now it’s your turn to wait for the keycap and treasure it patiently.

So what is next for Jelly Key?

We are working on Fly to the Moon/Universe artisan keycap. Patiently wait for The Mid Autumn artisan keycaps, The Moon Rabbit is the most favorite keycap in the series.


Ah last but not least, we are working on Halloween theme artisan keycap, and just for you know, we will release the next version of one of our well-known keycap, can you guess what it is?

Stay tuned, many artisan keycaps/ ideas are about to bloom.

Thank you for everything

P/S: if you have any query with your shipment status, order, package, etc…, kindly send us an email to [email protected]

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