RetroTV series – Fly to the moon keycap

It has been 48 years since the first time humankind landed on the surface of the moon.

After that we haven’t heard any news or update about the second trip to the moon. Why should we wait when we can do it now for ourself?

Jelly Key - RetroTV series – Fly to the moon artisan keycap 005.jpg

That question is burning in our brain, it motivates us to do something in our ability. Sketch after sketch, sculpture after sculpture we make a keycap with a shape of a happy moon, is waiting for our arrival. We make an old style television that air the moment Neil Armstrong put the flag on the moon. It also bring each of us a change to put our own flag on the surface of the moon to re-create the history

Now it is your turn to tell us what we can do better for this concept.

After a successful IC (interest check) of “Fly me to the moon keycap” (FTTM), and many request of making this keycap, we decided to finalize the this prototype and make 12 version of the keycap.

The original ideas of the keycap was inspired from the historical event of the first people landed on the moon, and the rest of the world can only witness it via the vintage television.

  1. FTTM – Flag on
  2. FTTM – Full Moon
  3. Into the universe (ITU)

The keycap has 2 main parts

The old style Television with 4 different colors

  1. Cyan
  2. Charcoal
  3. Smoky
  4. Plum

The top (as the content which is aired on the television)

  1. Fly to the moon – FTTM
  2. Fly to the Moon HD – FTTM HD
  3. Into the Universe – ITU

We decided to shoot a keycap with planetary model which is made with Japanese clay. Kindly turn on some galactic music and enjoy our artwork.