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Transparent resin

Artisan Keycaps Marker 00228

Weekly Update – Dragon team is working day and night

Hello guys, We wish you a new month with lots of energy, health and happiness. You must be very excited now because our Cosmo is on the way to your house. We have received lots of positive feedbacks from our customers and we are very happy for that. Dragon team is working day and night, rushing […]

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Weekly update & A story of wooden ring box

Hello our dearest customers and friends, If you’ve read the article about our wooden box, the story behind the ring box for keycap, from our very first wooden box in 2014 until now, we changed the box design every year in order to give our customers the best experience from the keycap to the container.

Jelly Key Resin Artisan Keycaps 46

Weekly update: Burn the midnight oil

Hello our lovely friends and customers, After so many busy days on crafting and finishing our products, team Coral and team Zenpond are so happy to announce that we finally finished our last keycap and these beauties are on the way to your house. In addition to avoiding the confusion, as you can see that

Jelly Key Pride Day

Weekly update: Hello June with lots of excitement

Hi, our wonderful customers and friends! For convenience in tracking Group Buy of Jelly Key, all information about their situation will be updated on the page of each product. Moreover, let the contact support faster, you can click the red button in bottom of website to direct contact or send email to the address:

Weekly update: We’re back with the enthusiasm and sincerity!

We’re back with the enthusiasm and sincerity! Hello, wonderful customers of Jelly Key around the world. After a period of working productivity, we have some sweet notices to all of you Firstly, On Offer orders including Sphincter Cell Master keycap series, A Big Toothed Life keycap series, Poring Ghoul artisan keycaps are shipped regularly by

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