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Weekly update & A story of wooden ring box

Hello our dearest customers and friends,

If you’ve read the article about our wooden box, the story behind the ring box for keycap, from our very first wooden box in 2014 until now, we changed the box design every year in order to give our customers the best experience from the keycap to the container. So today we would like to share with you guys how we choose materials, how we made it, a wooden ring box as nice as your wedding ring for your keyboard:

The very first thing that we wants to share with you guys that is material: we decided to choose pinewood from Denmark which have light color, lightweight and have perfect wood grain.

The pine boards with one side flattened and being carved with CNC machine, this step might make you think that it’s very easy and simple, but the fact that it takes a lot of time for the machine to cut and carve into the shape of a wooden box.

Before the final step – finishing or polishing the box, we need to sand down again because the box’s surface might have some flaws, scratches or marks, and all this step will be done by hand. In order to have a smooth and silky surface, it requires a lot of concentration and carefully because the pinewood texture is softer than other woods, easily get damaged if we use too much strength. –

After finished 2 parts of the wooden box, the most important part is when connecting the 2 parts together, it must be perfectly match each other. The upper lid will be engraved down so that when we close the box, it’ll have a connection between the wood and wax, the back of the box carries the same message as always: “Now it’s your turn to treasure this masterpieces- Jelly Key”.

Finally, we need to fix 3 layers of foam, 1 bottom foam, 1 middle foam to hold and protect the keycap, the last one above the lid to keep the keycap from colliding. Your keycap still in the best condition til it reach to your house.

Team City so happy to announce that your cities have been prepared and packed, ready for delivery. Besides that, the Cosmo team is also working hard to accelerate the production of your order in order to deliver as soon as possible. The Dragon team has started preparing to create the mighty dragon of the Eden World.

Here is a little more about the upcoming products of Jelly Key, this time we will choose a new and different material that we haven’t used it before for our keycap. Can you guess it ??? It’s Aluminum, a very common material in our daily life. After so many trials already, hopefully we will introduce to you guys in the very near future, the best products as always, beautiful and unique at the same time.

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