[Weekly update] Latest status update for Zen pond III, Butterscotch, and Arcade 2.0 - Craftmanships

[Weekly update] Latest status update for Zen pond III, Butterscotch, and Arcade 2.0

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Read on to find out the most updated progress status of these 3 loveable keycap series that we always want you to have.

Zen pond III – Cherry circle of life artisan keycaps

Our Zen Pond III team is currently in the stage of pouring the overall layer of resin for the final keycaps. They are then taken out of the moulds so that we can clean them properly and perform a functional check. After polishing the qualified keycaps, we go on with the packaging step. The team will try to get this done as soon as possible for the finished keycaps.

Eden reimagined: Butterscotch planet artisan keycaps

This team is also in busy production and will soon move to the last stages of finishing the final keycaps by next week. Any completed keycaps in this collection have been carefully boxed and sent for delivery.

Arcade cabinets 2.0: Classic never dies artisan keycaps

The Arcade 2.0 team has shipped the first keycap batch and is working on other colour versions in the collection. For the set keycaps, we will begin shipping as soon as a full set is completed, as it is not possible to send them separately to avoid package loss.

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