Jelly Key’s update of previous Groupbuy(s) & Hearsay - Charity

Jelly Key’s update of previous Groupbuy(s) & Hearsay

This is a very Jelly Key update, and we are back with a stable team for quality product as well as stable production. Here is what is going on in the past few months and we would like to share with you.

Artifact series: Oasis, Raindance Temple, Abyss is one of the most challenging keycap that we have ever designed, and yes it caused us so much trouble

  1. Besides a batch of 200 Artifact series keycaps has been lost in transportation (you can read about it here)
  2. The handcrafting process of Oasis keycaps were harder and we expected
  3. It takes four majors step to create an Oasis Keycap, and each is extremely hard
  4. Putting wood layers together, and use sand paper to sharpen it into keycap profile. Each layer of wood need to be sanded to get the desirable thickness
  5. Casting first time with glow in the dark material insides
  6. Use sand paper and needle to obdurate small holes
  7. If we can’t fix or get desirable product outcome, we need to through it away
  8. Casting the second time with a transparent layer of resin
  9. Sanded and polished the surface
  10. Each step took us a lot of time and effort, and many unfinished keycap need to eliminated
  11. Jelly Cake is not easy as it looks to handcrafted, layers inside the cake were as hard as Oasis wood layer to be put together. To cast the outer layers we have to turn the mold 5 times

Shipping and tracking code

Since we stopped working with China Division, we have to move to other shipping vendor and slowly adapted with a new process and it embroiled our internal team as well. The consequence was some of the package got lot in transaction and we needed to send a new one, or some of the tracking code haven’t activated leaded to no information available. However, every has been sorted out in last week for every order up to The Type Writer.

If you still have issue with the tracking code, and haven’t got your package, kindly contact us at We ensure that we have all of the answer and solution you need.

Mediterranean Beach Resort

As we announced earlier, some of keycap was produced base on a wrong mold, and we recall it as soon as possible. We offered replacement and refund for owner of those keycaps. (read more here)
Some of you may miss our email, don’t worry of offer are still available to you.

Hearsay and here is our answer

Raffle, Charity, and Donation

  • For those whom stay and join us to donate your money for good cause, Jelly Key thank you again. We have made several announcement and sent email to everyone about all of the money we collected as well as where we donated it. We will do it every time we run raffle for charity to make things as transparent as possible. You can read more here.
  • For those haven’t joined us, kindly help us to spread good words, your simple act will help a lot of people in need. Because every single penny come to trusted NGO (A non-governmental organization)

What tool does Jelly Key use to design their keycap?

  • Paper, pencil, Japanese clay, computer, Wacom. Some of our keycap is designed with digital tools, other was design with traditional tools. Kindly read more to truly understand our process.
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