Giveaway – Path to Confectionery Woods

Hi Teeth Fairies!

This is Jelly Key sweetest giveaway ever! Even sweeter than the keycap itself, winner will have the privilege to choose one of eight design in Confectionery Woods artisan collection as the prize.

Rule is simple, just let us know how do you like or feel about the Confectionery Woods Artisan Keycap series, or which one in eight designs in our collection do you like most in your comment.

And very important to enter a number from 1-999. We will roll the random.org and pick the third and fourth number as the winning.

The giveaway will end at : 11:00 PM 9/7/2018

Wish u all best luck. Now let’s get into the woods.

I rolled and after that i remember that i forgot to recoded my screen :). So the winners is:

  1. dongh*******995@gmail.com
  2. husto*******ick@gmail.com

Please give us an email to jelly.key@joiha.com about your shipping address & what design you choose.

Thank you everyone, see you in next giveaway.

See our hand-growing the confectionery woods
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