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Hand-growing the confectionery woods

The confectionery woods – as its name – is a luscious wood where all woods and rocks and the rest are made from sweet and cake. But the process of making them was not that sweet though.  We had to spent dozen hours to assort the sweets and cake as well as their colors. Finally there were an almond paste volcano, a small village in the wood and the land of sweet macaroni rainbow at the end of the juice streams.

Each couple keycap of the series were made with different steps. And here is how Jelly Key artist grow them.

keycap artist,making keycap
keycap artist,making keycap

Milk Berry Sundae and Mint Berry Sundae couple

A sprinkle stream was first casted at the bottom. A layer of cream milk or mint milk are covered next. Then we put a sweet macaroni rainbow sculpted from clay above the streams. Then fill up the springside with lollipop and sweets.

Liquorice and Plumy streams are the same with first step making of the Berry Sundae couple. But  they got a milk cream string cast with with resin surround the minty mousse and clay fruits sprode on their surface.

Fresh Bake Village couple includes Blancmange house and Liquorice Jam Overload. Cake houses are hand sculpted and casted with assorted colors. Lollipop and candy cane, waffle are hand sculpted from Japanese clay.

Choco fudge and Raspberry Trifle are almond paste volcano which lava are made from almond paste lava and mountain body are made from choco fudge and raspberry trifle. Lolly are coveredon the surface of the mountain.

All candies, sweet stuff, cream and cake houses are hand sculpted, piece by piece. And sticked together in each individual keycap. Finally they would be casted with glorious transparent resin and flourished until they’re smooth and shine.

Because of the meticulous requirement of the design, we won’t sale this artisan series in large number to make sure we can carefully handle with each keycap.

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