[Prototype] Dragons of Eden - Ethereal Runes keycaps - Prototype

[Prototype] Dragons of Eden – Ethereal Runes keycaps

Prototype #GIVEAWAY result

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I’ve just conducted a random drawing on random.org, and the lucky number is: 251. Therefore, the participant with the order number 251 and the email: ****198@qq.com has won. I will contact you shortly.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Prototype giveaway. I look forward to seeing you next time. Also, our Group-buy is now open, and you can join by clicking the button below.

Intricate golden dragon sculpture encased in clear resin block.
Colorful dragon-themed resin pen on dark background.
Detailed dragon design sketches with annotations.

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Update 3 8/6/24

Capturing the magic of these mythical dragon keycaps is genuinely exhilarating. Honestly, photos can’t quite capture the three-dimensional feel and glossy finish of the scale details or the depth and contrast of the colour layers. Speaking of layers, just the clear parts alone required four separate casting processes. As mentioned in my first update, I meticulously controlled the layers’ heights in the EDEN collection to ensure they didn’t overwhelm the overall design, letting the dragon take centre stage. With sizes ranging from 1u to spacebars, imagine our design team’s massive workload, crafting each dragon design—head, horns, dorsal fins, flight posture, body, and legs—uniquely for both SA and Cherry profiles.

And now, the final countdown: our Groupbuy will launch next week. It will feature a full range of sizes and three profiles—SA, Cherry, and Droplet—in five colours. There’s even a prototype giveaway happening the day before (you can choose any keycap, even a spacebar, with free shipping to the winner). Don’t forget to sign up with your email to get a 5% discount coupon when the Groupbuy goes live. Get your keyboard ready for these Dragon of EDEN keycaps—they deserve a place on your setup. And yes, I’m hoping to snag a set for myself, too, haha.

Carved crystal dragon sculpture on gray background.
Colorful dragon sculpture on square pedestal.
Decorative glass paperweight with gold and silver dragons.
Colorful abstract resin art piece texture.
Intricate silver dragon sculpture on purple amethyst base.

Update 2 29/5/24

We are nearly finished and entering the final stages of completing the complex surface of this collection. Polishing these keycaps has been the most challenging task we’ve ever undertaken. The surface is neither flat nor curved; it integrates the keycap edges, transparent layers around the dragon, and the intricate, undefined curves of the waves created by the dragon.

I’ve particularly focused on the Cherry profile this time, as my Dragon Of EDEN series has never included the Cherry profile before, and I’ve always felt something was missing. If you’ve been a fan of Jelly Key, you know that I (Steven) have a particular fondness for Cherry’s profile. Finally, I have completed a set of dragon keycaps that combines aesthetic appeal, durability for daily use, and the slenderness needed for the Cherry profile.

Close-up of shimmering, translucent jewelry chains.

You can see the shimmering dragon scales highlighted beneath a thin layer of clear resin, which enhances the durability for daily use and boosts the visual effect from various angles.

Close-up of colorful, textured glass art piece.

Regarding the dragon head, it is only about 3mm in size. I’ve put much effort into crafting these tiny details, one of Jelly Key’s unique features. With dragon scales less than 1mm in size, look at how the body and head of the dragon seamlessly extend beyond the keycap form, creating waves on the surface that feel completely unobstructed, even by the edges of the keycap.

Intricate dragon-themed sculpted purple bracelet with gems.

Lastly, I’d like to talk about the 1u keycaps. I want to remind you that these are Cherry profile keycaps, which are pretty thin and have limited volume for crafting. This dragon design benefits greatly from the Cherry profile, providing just enough space for us to create the most perfect 1u dragon keycap we’ve ever made.

Update 1 3/5/24

Hey there, folks! Let me tell you, the Year of the Dragon was a real game-changer for me. Not only because the dragon’s the sole mythical creature in the Asian zodiac or because I was born under its sign, but also because I’ve always been fascinated by how Asian dragons are depicted in ancient architecture and paintings. There’s just something about the mystery and power they exude, you know?

So, back in 2019 (feels like forever ago, right?), we launched our first Dragon Eden model, which was a total breakthrough. We used this excellent EDEN colour effect to make the dragons look like they were literally soaring through the sky. And earlier this year, we took it to a whole new level with our incredibly lifelike dragon sculpting technique.

Now, we’re back with another mind-blowing effect. I was picky about getting the EDEN colour casting just right, tweaking the height and number of colour rays until it was absolutely perfect. I was also determined to make the dragon’s body and head pop out of the keycap surface for a seriously stunning look. We had to tackle some pretty intricate details with Dragon Sigil, like the dragon’s sharp, easily breakable horns. This time around, I added a thin coat of clear resin over those delicate dragon features, giving it a gorgeous glossy finish that makes it look like the dragon’s just shifted its form, all while keeping it sturdy enough for everyday use.

Let me tell you, the casting process was no walk in the park. While many other makers opt for 3D printing and painting, we’re all about that complete resin casting and colour injection life. It’s a real challenge, especially with all those tiny, hand-finished details, but the payoff is so worth it. When you place these keycaps on your desk, you get this authentic, meticulous, and extremely detailed look that’s just out of this world. If that’s not the coolest thing ever, I don’t know what is!

Detailed miniature dragon figurine held by tweezers.
Colorful miniature dragon keycaps in fingers
Hand holding intricate dragon sculpture keycaps in resin.
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