The Making of Jelly Key Shangri La Flows artisan keycap

If you are looking for a how-to article, this is not the one. We want to share with you some photos of artisan keycap making of our latest artisan keycap design Shangri La series. 

artisan keycap

The process of handcrafting Shangri La can be broken in 4 major steps.

  1. Casting the base – the base is hand sculpted with clay and then used as a master mold. 
  2. Making detail by putting grass-like material on the surface of the base. Next is water stream.
  3. Coasting the entire landscape with a transparent layer of resin
  4. Making keycap stem.

It may look simple but each step requires highly focus of Jelly Key artisans, each mistake can a fatal damage to a whole keycap.

We wish we could take more photo of the making process but it was so time consuming and disturbing our artisan.

Hope you enjoy the photos and hope it helps you to know more about Shangri La Artisan Keycap.

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