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Shangri La Flows artisan keycap series


There’s a mythical place in the world called Shangri La that people believe in its existence as “Heaven”. You’ll have to bet your life if you are desperate to get there by floating on a boat through a long, dark cave. It’ll depend on your strength, valiancy and enough luck that you’ll preserve your life and more precious than any treasure on Earth, you’ve stepped on the Land of Heaven. This realm is where you can breath the purest air, drink the freshest water and meet the prehistory creatures and plants that you’ll never find anywhere else on Earth. Moreover, you’ll able to see the most ancient temples and artifacts were that abandoned for more than thousand years. But don’t let your greed lures you, unless you’ll never have a chance to come back home by taking anything belong to this realm away.

As a result of this imagination, our team has created 2 model of Shangri La Flows as well as the very first Cherry Profile Keycap size in our collection. The Cherry Profile Keycap – the most popular profile as well as the most challenging keycap for our style of design – standard outside but mesmerize inside. Cherry profile is smaller than SA, OEM and how a very little room inside to work with.


The Deity’s tear Lake

With the dominant color gray of rock and the emphatic pure blue color present that the lake is at the highest level of this palace, where the female deities buried and cried for the death of the Hero that sacriffied his heart to protect his people from devil. They cried so many days that tears became lake and his death body was buried deep down the bottom of the lake.


Hymning Stream

You can tell the name of this cascade when you float on its river system before reaching the waterfall. The river floats so slowly that you’ll find the smoke in the air’s ever floating a little bit faster. Yes, smoke, or the spirit of the death warriors that are still staying here to keep their
village safe. But you know, they’re friendly, and they might vibrate the tree to say “hello” if they like you.

Some spec about the keycap:

  • Design and handcrafted by Jelly Key
  • Cherry MX Compatible  (this is not TMX stem, it just our own design for the stem)
  • Cherry profile row 1
  • Glow in the dark
  • Size: 1 U (suitable for Esc key or F round)
Weight 0.1 kg

The Deity's tear Lake, Hymning Stream

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