Charity 2 - Jelly Key


jelly key

You are invited to Jelly Key’s first birthday!

It has been a year since the first time we made our first keycap. We gave ourself a name, and it was Jelly Key. For us, Jelly Key is our child. A child that was born from the love of creating art annd making things with our hands. This little toddler can now walk 10 steps without tripping! This kid is growing so fast!


Jelly Key end of year review

Though, the universe is gigantic. There are too many elements to a universe, which would be difficult to package into a single keycap, so we introduced the Nebula series, which had four keycaps. Each artisan has something special inside of them. Diamonds, crystals, and quartz.


[Charity] A gift from Jelly Key & the MK Community

We are not only enjoy our hobbies, we extend our hand to people in need as well. That is one of great things about Mechanical Community, which bring us together. All of the money from this raffle will be donated to trusted NGO.

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