[Raffle for Charity] Honored Samurai & Charming Mermaid

Thank you to everyone who joined the Jelly Key Raffle for Charity.

The winner of this raffle will receive their gift and everyone who participated in this raffle – you not only have gotten the chance to receive, but you have most definitely given for a good cause!

Some statistics from the raffle

  • Number of participants: 1001
  • Number of ticket sold : 1587
  • Number of participant with 3 tickets: 285
  • Number of participant with 2 tickets: 16
  • Number of participant with 1 ticket: 700
  • Total in USD: $879
  • Total Cost: $62.3 (Paypal fee 4.4% + Shipping Cost($6) + Master Card fees (2%)
  • Total money will be donated: 816.7 USD
  • 1 Honored Samurai & 1 Charming Mermaid from Jelly Key team Priceless (a gift from the team)

We Donated Those Money To

$817 goes to Unbound for sponsoring children and families who live in poverty.

Our lucky winners are

Christian Murphy – You will receive one Honored Samurai

Cam Ryan – You will receive one Charming Mermaid

Exclusively made by Jelly Key. We hope you treasure this keycap! And make sure to take good care of this!

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