You are invited to Jelly Key's first birthday! - Charity

You are invited to Jelly Key’s first birthday!

Jelly Key has turned 1, and it’s time to celebrate!

We are thinking of you on this day full of joy and bliss, and we cannot thank you enough! This day is important and special to us, so we want you to experience how special it is as well.

jelly key

It has been a year since the first time we made our first keycap. We gave ourself a name, and it was Jelly Key. For us, Jelly Key is our child. A child that was born from the love of creating art annd making things with our hands. This little toddler can now walk 10 steps without tripping! This kid is growing so fast!

From the legacy artists, to idea booming newcomer innovators, thank you for putting your heart, soul, and passion into helping out and being a great team. Thank you for making Jelly Key a pleasurable, and fun experience. Many more memories to create!

Extra special thanks to the extensive mechanical keyboard communiry who has given us their tough love, to help us grow, learn, and smile, i whatever situation it is.

Thank you for believing in Jelly Key.

To celebrate the first birthday of Jelly Key, we will execute a chain of activities from March 13 to March 18, 2017, which includes giveaways, raffles for charity, bidding, and releasing new and cool stuff. You name it.

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