Weekly update: Packing the Ponds? Yes, it is. - Craftmanships

Weekly update: Packing the Ponds? Yes, it is.

No kidding, we’re double checking with all the ponds to see if every koi is ready, then pack and send them to whom are waiting to get inner peace in a piece. We’ll star shipping Zen Pond artisan series product in the middle of next week. Stay tuned!

Now it’s the good time to sit back for a minute and wait for our shipping agent to fulfill their processment after had sent the Legendary Castles. Please keep tracking your order, we’ll inform you right away about your tracking codes and more.

Just a minute and we’ll tell you that our skillful artists are handling with the Confectionary Woods. Tiny sweets are being prepared and starts to show the path to the woods. On the other hand we’re also preparing for your Frozen Realm artisan keycap orders. So soon, the winter is coming.

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