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Weekly update: Flying to the castles and reach the pond

painting keycap

We’re gradually shipping packages of Legendary Castles artisan series. Strictly double checking everything are made and the packaging room is so bustling these days. It’s bright we can really finish sending them out to you at the end of this week. We’re also excited to see our castles on your keyboards. Friends are non stop sharing their gorgeous photos of their Jelly Key keycaps and we must say those photos are fantastic. So be patient a bit more and you’ll reach the legends.

Meanwhile, the process of Zen Pond has been carrying out to the very eye-hurted step (that’s kidding) we painting a bunch of hundred tiny kois fish with a great deal of fish skin types right now in our workspace. Everyday we make the process more frisky by asking each other at the end of the day questions like “how many fish you catch on your fishing today?” Or burst out “I broke my fish bone!!!” And that works by turning out laughter and joy.

Next level’s gonna take even higher attention, we’re also gonna deal with the ink flow and try to put the kois at their right position. There’re massive notes to seriously aware like the koi color and their positions, temperatures, times, amount of the magic ink, etc. It’s never get easier to ruin the whole process like making the Zen Pond. A painstaking process. Hope we would find other jokes for them.

We’ll keep in touch.

Thank you all for your patience. Stay tuned!

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