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Weekly update: Keep swimming in the Zen Pond

Every Koi in Zen Pond keycap needs long time to practice swimming upstream in their life. Without preparing and enthusiast, it’s impossible to mark the day a Koi transform into a holy dragon.

A dragon is different than a chicken, you can hatch the egg in an incubator in 10 or 20 days it would hatch and little cute chicks would say hello the world, but that’s the livestock. Here in the fantasy workshop of Jelly Key we really make the best of our ecosystem of a Zend Pond for every koi to hatch. You could see every Jelly Key product as a Koi fish. Become a dragon may take times but it worths and values.

Now we had finished hand painting process the Koi skin, and now preparing for another higher waterfall, is to fill up the Pond with magic color. Be watching, we’re keep swimming.

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