To unlock your Chakra – Meditation Gem Artisan keycap giveaway

Shh… Here a chance to unlock one of your Chakras.

Make it more simple by joining our raffle. It’s easy as it’s always.

Please give us your email. We’ll run the Third random number win. The winner will be free to pick one of 12 Chakras that he or she wants.

And this is result:

12 Chakras are the Root, Creativity, Ego, Love, Enjoyment, Third Eye and The Crown Gem…. Sounds exciting? You will choose one Gem when you win.

We will run two raffles on our website and Reddit channel.

The giveaway will  end at: 2PM 10/29/2018 GMT+7

Grab your luck, take a meditation while waiting for the result.

Love ya’ all. Peace!

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