[Raffle] - Arcade cabinets - Ageless console version

[Raffle] – Arcade cabinets – Ageless console version

ageless console keycaps (6)

Did someone just order a special Arcade cabinet? Because we’ve just made one, and it’s gonna blow your mind!

Jelly Key is about to launch a raffle event with these extra special Ageless console artisan keycaps. We particularly made this to support the COVID-19 vaccine fund in Vietnam with all revenue from the raffle + $1000 from our team. The keycaps’ screen inside shows the shooting battle against the COVID virus as a way to raise awareness of protecting ourselves and keeping safe in the pandemic.

What else for you? This version has all the retro vibe you can get and takes you to the golden days. Stay tuned. These moments are coming soon.

We will have 3 chassis colors and will be raffle 15 keycaps per color. Shipping after 2 weeks. The form will open at 6/28 11pm GMT+7  and the public in our DISCORD. 

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