About Jelly Key shipping & post-purchase service - Shipping

About Jelly Key shipping & post-purchase service

Shipping is one of the most essential to us among the whole purchase process as it makes sure products are delivered to our dear customers safe & on time. The cost of slow or even failed shipping is unhappy customers, which we consider as our most solemn failure.

  • From Feb 2016 until now $6

    We charge a flat rate $6 for all products and free-shipping within Vietnam.

  • From Jan 2017 until now $6

    You can track our shipping with the same shipping rate $6.

  • From May 2017 until now $6

    From May 2017, we secured our shipping with fulfilment service, which greatly improved the speed and quality of shipping.

In 2017, we lost a cargo of over 200 key caps and the fulfilment service stopped responding to us.

We keep a free return policy, which means customers don’t have to pay for the return shipping and we will replace new if there is any problem with product. There’s a case where we did refund up to $40 per keycap.

Due to these added services such as tracking code and fulfilment services, shipping cost has gone higher significantly. We also flattened the rate even for oversized keycap like 2.25u for Enter & Shift, and 6.25u for Spacebar. The shipping rate for those are still $6/keycap.

We have done all this in the belief of the importance of post-purchase service, including shipping. For recent group buy, we want to limit the order within 100 – 300 keycap (excluding Massdrop) in order to focus on improving product quality and shipping service. Jelly Key’s keycap is a much more complex than just resin casting and painting. The beautiful complexity is achieved by mixing many effects, sawing, sculpting, and hand crafting. As the nature of handcrafting, we encounters countless mistakes and obstacles. Therefore, it takes a lot of time, perseverance and technique updates for a keycap to be finished and ready to be shipped to you.

All these stories and explanation, in the end, we just want to ask you if you are satisfied with our products and services. Please let us know, our dear customers.

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