Starry Night keyset - Prototype

Starry Night keyset

Dear friends,

I would like to present you our latest creation after 2 weeks of non-stop developing and designing.


The first keyset by Jelly Key team was named Starry Night after the name of an oil painting by Van Gogh as the team was inspired by the color of that masterpiece. That inspiration has continued to nourish the team’s creativity that led to the work of keyset. 

With the keyset, the dominantly-triangle-shaped icons of the keyset are another unique feature. In the world of high tech or design, the triangle shape evokes strength, movement and the future. Each specific icon was designed with a specific meaning: Creation, Connection, Exploration, Expression, Learning, Understanding, Protection, Reflection, Challenge, Transcendent, Combination, Transformation, Transition, and Transfusion.

Update 4: 10/11/2016

  • Demo 3D Render

Update 3: 25/9/2016

  • SP colours.
  • Impove some colours.

Update 2: 6/7/2016

  • Fix bug
  • Edit some color
  • Add fullsize preview
  • Change : Row: 1-1-2-3-4-4

Update 1: 20/6/2016

  • Fixed ISO UK set
  • Added Planck kit
  • Edited background…

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