Land of the Dead artisan keycap - Prototype

Land of the Dead artisan keycap

Halloween is about to come, and we are preparing to visit Land of the Death. In order to do so, we need to get some token to enter the realm.

With our knowledge about Land of the Death we design 3 token in a sharp of mechanical keyboard keycap.

Pumpkin Head

It likes regular pumpkin but possessed by evil spirit.

It was design with paper and the original model was made with clay and tool.

The final keycap is fully hand painted with brush and oil color

Pumpkin Brain

Outer layer has the same design as Pumpkin Head, but we put a little brain inside the keycap

The tiny brain was cast separately with white resin and we hand painted the blood vessel

Toxic Brain

(we still need a cool name for this, do you have any suggestion?)

The brain is positioned on the top of a Cherry MX profile keycap

Translucent toxic is poured over the top of the brain and the keycap, it erodes non organic compound such as resin

The Tiny brain inside was casted separately, and the blood vessel is hand-painted

artisan keycap

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