Guardian of the East keycap

Our recent inspiration for our newest keycap is the Imperial Guardian Lion. The symbol originated in China around the Han Dynasty, and they were statues that traditionally stood in front of Chinese Imperial Palaces, Imperial Tombs, Government offices, Temples, and homes ofthe wealthy. This imperial symbol was also used in artistic and stylistic contexts such as door-knockers and pottery. 

This symbol isn't only present in China, but is seen in all over eastern asian countries such as Japan, Korea, Tibet, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Cambodia and Laos. The name of this Guardian Lion varies from these different countries, like in Japan, it is called Komainu, (Korean Dogs, due to its introduction to Japan from Korea).

The appearance of the Guardian Lion illustrates an intimidating aura with its cruel shape. Its role differs with each country, culture and belief, however, in eastern asia, the Guardian Lion's purpose is to guard the area by warding off evil spirits. The Guardian Lion also symbolises wealthiness and prosperity, since in the ancient times, only wealthy people were able to afford the cost of the material these lions were carved in (marble, granite, or cast in bronze and iron).

Every creative product we make has a creative process for its development. It all start off with an inspiration.
From this inspiration, we start gathering ideas.

We gather the common features about this subject. With the Guardian Lion, we focus on working with the eyes, the fangs, and the patterns on its head, as they are the features that makes us recognise this symbol the most.

We then create our sketches. This helps us visualise our ideas into the work we are going to make. We start off with basic sketches then we begin to add more detail to it such as shading and colour, to help us visualise the final product.

All we have to do now is wait for the Guardian Lion to be brought to life. The Lion will roar with fury and passion to protect the mighty mechanical keyboard



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