What new? June 2017 - Project

What new? June 2017

The half year of 2017 has come to an end, and the new one is about to start. Besides updating with you about group buy status, delivery time, which is pretty much boring and exhausting.

We would like to update with you news about our new designs as well as improvement in packaging quality and new keycap stem design.

What are new designs that we haven’t hold a Group Buy in this first half year?

  1. Asteroid Mining Keycap
  2. Jelly Hazard Keycap
  3. Nebula Fragment Keycaps
  4. Nebula series – Pillar of Creation keycap
  5. Mediterranean Beach Resort keycap

We will find a suitable time to start to hold the GB. Kindly wait for us on our calendar.

First is about the packaging; the package is a cube of foam material which is lightweight tidy, better at heat prevention as well as shock resistance.

Second is the metal tag. It is a stainless steel tag with a thank you note as well as unique code for each of your keycap.

The third is the stem of the keycap. This stem is more flexible and more durable than before and will be used in the making process of Mediterranean Beach Resort keycap and forward.

** Please note that this is not a hybrid steam, it is Cherry MX stem.
Kindly check this design for your preference about the stem design.

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