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Weekly update: Legendary Catsles and Jelly Eden shipments

Hi dreamers,

The very last Jelly Eden had been shipped. We’re late. We’re so sorry for had taken a wrong calculation. We have to deal with a large number of orders with brand new material and we were no sure of controlling it. Even we did say in our introducing topic of Jelly Eden that “the ink flows and drops will be not 100% alike compared to the prototypes, maybe around 60-70%.”. But it still took us a bunch more time to master the method in controlling this “magic ink” component.

Brighter news for legends lovers, “Legendary Castles” will be finished shipping at the end of next week, we know you have been waiting for so long. That’s why we need to make a double check with everything to make sure you’ll be happy when our products come to you.

Handmade tiny keycap requires like a decade to make, much more time than any assembly line.

Thank you for your patience. Stay tuned!

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