Swift news: New products On Offer - Project

Swift news: New products On Offer

You’ll be able to buy real Jelly Key products in non-group buy time

We’re going to have some designs in stock for sale, for some specific collections. Today is not the April 1st, is it? Then this is true. We’ll provide some ‘On Offer’ products, in every… sometimes.

Our traditional group-buy is always a one-off group-buy – usually opens in 4-7 days, and we never rerun it. We’ll start shipping your orders 60-70 days after the group buy had closed. This our new sale way will help you wait less; we’ll begin to shipping 20 days after your order has completed. And the artisan keycap you need is available when you click ‘Add to cart”.

Now that might be a delightful news. If you have any wonder, we might answer that no reason on earth has the power to keep Jelly Key away from the effort to serve you better. We’re not turning our back to our tradition, group-buys would be run as usual. And we also believe we could provide more advantages for you by renewing and challenge ourselves in running this new sale way.

So we hope this will turn out helpful to you, please let us know what we could improve to suit your need. We’d be so grateful.

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