Reindeer giveaway result - Other

Reindeer giveaway result

Hi Friends,

Thank you all for participating on our Giveaway event(s).

Hope you all have a wonderful christmas with friends, family, and your beloved keyboard.

Let’s see what do you have here.

  • One is on r/mk Dec 22th 2017
  • One is on our Website – Dec 23th 2017
  • One is on our Discord – Dec 24th 2017

Okie now we start with the first one – Reddit

I will roll three times and pick that last one.

  • First time: 486
  • Second time: 128
  • Third time: 730

Now, check the Discord

I will roll three times as well and pick the last one:

  • First time: 723
  • Second time: 779
  • Third time: 421

Our website raffle

We have 323 people participate in this section. So I will use to roll 3 times from 1 to 323.

  • 1st time: 182
  • 2nd time: 191
  • 3rd time: 29

Many interesting ideas. Thank you Jal for a very long suggestion list. And the Winnder is: gabch*****

Thank you. We Will contact you directly.

Again, thank everyone! Your wishes and ideas are all awesome.


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