Ready for Jelly Key 2nd Birthday Party?

Welcome to the party, Jelly Key’s friends!

birthday keycap

It has been 2 years that the baby named Jelly Key’s born.

Now we’re like happy parents, watching our 2 years- old-baby-Jelly Key growing up everyday.

Please let us have some speeches before we get the party started.

In the year of 2017, our toddler had been through many times stumbles and fall…

We’d been through some problems with human resources, led to late shipment.
We’d had to stop working with a fulfillment service from products lost and their stop responding, led to late shipment again. We’d made some mistakes, led to several products fell out of our QC, about the stems quality, about the non-backlit issue as our advertisement in Mediterranean Beach keycap series. And some small misunderstanding of who we are, what we do, or our weakness in language barrier.
But Jelly Key never stops standing up again, our child never stops standing up again…

We made mistakes, we took the responsibilities.

We made up to our friends and fans what they deserved. We had made replacement and refund for our customer. We made the reproducement so that our customer could receive their keycaps even though it wasn’t our fault to have lost the pack of our products.

And 2 most important things we kept doing in the past year are:

First, we silently improved our everythings, product quality, especially the stem quality and its methods of making it, more than 3 times.
Second and may be even more important than the former, that we never stop renewing our designs. We have been keeping refreshing our ideas of making artisan keycaps and breakthrough the boundaries between imagination and reality. That Retro TVs were made, that Nebulas were made, that Mediterranean Beach Resort, that Mid-Autumn Festival, Halloween Token, that Shangri La and World of Coral, etc,. And the nearest is our Forbidden Realm Keycaps were made. We observe our Jelly Key everyday.
At several hashes periods of time, we thought we couldn’t make it. But now Jelly Key’s still standing here. Saying these grateful words.

Thanks to who?

Sorry. It’s not you.

No! It’s you! (How couldn’t be you? Above was just kidding :))

Ah. Hem!

But firstly, we have to thank to our brothers and sisters, our craftsmen, our designers, our supporters, who has stood by our side through up and down, when things got hard but they still kept the faith, and we join our hands together. Making Jelly Key more than a studio but a family.

Now it’s you, we have to specially thanks to Jelly Key friends and fan, who always encourage us with beautiful words and thoughts, who are always, always believing in us and letting Jelly Key know what to improve with our artisan products, our services, and our… English as well.

As well as an extra thanks to our MK communities where enthusiasts meet enthusiasts, where we are able to share our happiness to each other.

To celebrate Jelly Key’s 2nd Birthday Party, let’s all taste the birthday cake that our chefs had poured their hearts on. As a gift to give to our dearest friends. A gift to remind who we are! And why we are here!

It’s the Jelly Cakeboard Keycap.

Happy 2nd Birthday to Jelly Key.

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