[Raffle for Community] Jelly Cake - Charity

[Raffle for Community] Jelly Cake

Thank you to everyone who joined the Jelly Key Raffle for Community.

The winners of this raffle will receive their gift and everyone who participated in this raffle – you not only have gotten the chance to receive, but you have most definitely given for a good cause!

  • Number of participants: 468
  • Number of ticket sold : 708
  • Number of participant with 3 tickets: 347
  • Number of participant with 2 tickets: 2
  • Number of participant with 1 ticket: 119
  • Total in USD: $360
  • Shipping cost: $18 (3 keycaps)
  • Total Cost: $41.04 (Paypal fee 4.4% + Shipping Cost($18) + Master Card fees (2%)
  • Total money will be donated: 318.96 USD
  • 3 Jelly Cake from Jelly Key team $50 USD each (a gift from the team)

For this first time we will actively contact with Meet Up Organizer to ask if they need funding from this #raffleforcommunity. We plan for fund $150 for each meet up, which help them to better organize the meet up.

Our lucky winners are, you will randomly get the Jelly Cake keycap, which include the keycap and 02 set of number from 0-9.

Kevin Lee
Anh Vu
Michael Rogers

Exclusively made by Jelly Key. We hope you treasure this keycap! And make sure to take good care of this!

In this raffle we have to remove 19 people from the list, due to a significant amount of order for 1 ticket. We said earlier that your system is stupid, and manually categorized the data took a lot of our time. Hope you understand us.

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