[Project] Jelly Saga collection keycap - Project

[Project] Jelly Saga collection keycap

Jelly Key doesn’t only make from plastic and resin, a part of it is made from sweet and power.

After making Ice Shaved and Syrup, our sweet shop continue to explore the sweet-wonderland to find high quality material to make sweet thing. This time we would like to introduce a new series of Jelly Saga Collection.

There are two versions of each keycap, one with matte surface, one with smooth surface.

Jelly Saga – matte

Jelly Saga – glossy

These keycaps are made of cream, milk, and sugar. Each ingredient is mixed together with a perfect ratio, which help you to feel happy from inside out.
you can’t buy happiness, but you can by sweet thing, it pretty much the same thing.



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