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[Project] JACKPOT Keyset (update 1)

This is our second attempt to create a keycap set. It may odd in many ways and you may wonder why we made this odd design.

We want to set foot on a different path from the mainstream, ‘cause it motivates us to think outside the box. It may good, it may bad but its something different.

We were inspired from the number 7 derived from the year 2017, and 777 is also a lucky number. The keyset was also inspired from the slot machine which can possibly bring you luck in this new year. With the sounds of ‘kaching!’ and a feeling of satisfaction from the clicks and clacks, it *may* make you the luckiest man alive, who knows!?

This is just a prototype for design, so we haven’t decided which profile to make this set in yet. What do you think about the keycap set?

Kindly help us, and let us know! Maybe comment below?

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