One year of learning - Craftmanships

One year of learning

For the one past year, we have learned so much about creating a piece of art on a small area of a keycap, and thank you all for helping us improve our skills.

This year we want to try on something new, something that big, something that we haven’t done before as long as it needs our skills.


This year we want to focus on artisan mechanical keyboard case, wrist rest, scrupled keycap. From the beginning of this year, we have introduced Rooster Emblem, Guardian of the East, Minion Orc as well as code name projects like Zephyr, Trinity and Serenity Don’t worry.

Flat design is still our strong point. We will show you more brilliant designs, and our ability to manage the material inside the keycap. Stay turned, we are here to awe you.

We also place some of our keycaps for sale. Rather than just keep it as a prototype, we would like to produce it with a small amount for those who desire to have it. Those keycaps will not be held as a GB, it will be sold by batch, each batch has a small amount, and the sale will be continued until we run out of stock. The waiting time should be shorter since we only produce it in a small amount. After 20 days, we might start the shipping process. The sale will be re-opened after we finished with the previous batch. However, the cost of those kinds of keycaps may higher than GB.

For the Infinite Abyss and Minion Orc, thank you for purchasing it, we did not even send any emails, post on Reddit, Geekhack or announce it on our owned channel. But it was out of stock earlier than we expect. Next time, kindly help us to check our website one for a while, something interesting may pop-up.


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