Men v. Droids: It’s time for giveaway - Giveaway

Men v. Droids: It’s time for giveaway

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Let’s kick start the giveaway event for this one-of-a-kind keycap collection! But before we can do that, it’s important to keep you in the loop about the production of our released group-buys first. Our team of Zen Pond III – Cherry Circle of Life is currently working overtime to complete the keycaps at their best speed. Regarding the sentimental 8-bit: Pipeline City series, the painting team is totally finished.

Back to our giveaway star this week – Men v. Droids, you’d probably know Debra and her creator – Christopher, and the story of how they become all tangled together. Between a human and a half-human robot, there can never be a dull moment! As the story unfolds, Christopher wants to build Debra into a fully functional robot with real human organs inside. As there’s no other way to start Debra, this might be the only chance that Christopher can bring back the only thing from his father.

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Now join us on this giveaway to get a chance of winning a replica keycap of Christopher and Debra’s inner body, and see them for yourself!

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  • The giveaway will end at: 3/28/2021 11:00PM
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