Jelly Key team charity trip 11/2018 - Charity

Jelly Key team charity trip 11/2018

Last weekend our Jelly Key team & friends had a charity trip to Ayunpa where the “leprosy village” takes place, it’s district level town and the village is , in Gia Lai province, the middle of Viet Nam. We had been welcomed as honour guests by soeur Ti – she appeared as a surprisingly sagacious 85 years old woman and she’s still agile. We met at local church named Phu Bon. It’s also where we gathered local people around and give away dry food for them, like instant noodle, rice and some kind of traditional spices.

They didn’t really talked much, but they gave us warm looks even we could see the pain on their face easily. We had given away one hundred and twenty seven similar food portions for each one of them. We hope we could help them more.

Then soeur Ti showed us around, tell us stories of people who are living here. We say farewell at the end of the day and came back to the city. And now gladly tell you about this beautiful memory.


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