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Jelly Key is Jelly Key

This post is to clarify some things about Jelly Key, and the stuff that we have to clean up. This is posted here since it is mostly an issue spreading throughout the redditsphere.

A recent one we need to clear up is that we are NOT K3KCComparing K3KC and Jelly Key is hurting what we (Jelly Key) are standing for. Jelly Key has no relation in any form whatsoever with K3KC.

There are many artisan creators in America, Canada, etc… Why relate Jelly Key and K3KC just because we are in Vietnam? We wanted to post this urgently since there are many bad rumours generated about us out there.

“Jelly Key is just a money making scam and has no appreciation for the community”
We are not a scam. We have no idea where that even came from. We even hold charity raffles for the community, which all profit goes towards a good cause.

We (Jelly Key) are trying our best to get rid of the dirty drama and false rumours surrounding us. Those things are unnecessary and provoke harmful negativity that is not needed for this community.

We have made blog posts to clarify our authenticity and our work ethic. Please read them if you have time.

We appreciate any input if you send us feedback. Please do not make false assumptions and post it in a public place where another one person can take it as a ‘fact’ and spread like a virus. It not only affects us but also the other people in here.

We stand for artisan keyboard products that go through a creative process that is exclusive to the Jelly Key team. We are handmade. We try our best to innovate, improve, and create new and innovative artisan concepts for keycaps in hopes to bring inspiration to the community.

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