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Jelly Eden artisan process update

artisan process

If you can tell the feeling of stucking days, any song can’t help you out. May shapes and colors would help. Sweep away the uselessness you stumbled into, and just simply sit in, watch the eden of color and light. Quiet sound of the grove, can you hear it? Breathe slowly, that’s your heartbeats. It’s beating along the Celestial Harmony. Listen carefully! Is that the Siren playing music in the pond with their chime… Easy… Easy…

Thank you, for your beautiful patience. We’re now at the stage of 75% processing Jelly Eden Artisan keycap. The Sylvanus and the Flamingo are helping our craftsmen out to carry on every keycap, they’ll tell us what to do to make sure every keycap will depict the true beauty of the Eden. Bravo!

We know your wait’s worth. We’ll inform you when they’re shipped.

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