Immense Oceans Series Status and Someone really tried to sneak in…

Hello! Hello Jelly Key’s friends!

Lunar New Year Holiday is end. Jelly Key team is back to craft, and try to finish the commission when the due day comes. Our World of Coral keycap process is loading to the 90%, thing’s going on well & we planed to double check, finish packaging & shipping from Tuesday, March 6, 2018 to Sunday, March 11, you can see it on our working calendar.

It’s such a great time to see our brothers and sisters in our studio. Everything’s good when we came back but one thing, we said “don’t try to sneak in” in the New Year Holidays announcement and… someone really tried to sneak in our studio. Fate.

A college came to the studio to grab his forgotten stuff, found a drill hole on our studio gate’s lock on the 3th day of New year. Luckily, there’s nothing was stolen away, that amateur sneaker couldn’t work the lock out so he (may be) hopeless left the lock with a new hole and disappeared. Thank Keycap’s God!

We change the lock already.

Thanks for keep watching our news. We’ll back soon with some new design. See ya!

Jelly Key team

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