[GIVEAWAY] Prototype of Zen Pond IV - God’s creation artisan keycaps - Giveaway

[GIVEAWAY] Prototype of Zen Pond IV – God’s creation artisan keycaps

We don’t know about you, but Jelly Key can’t get enough of Koi fish! Yep, you heard us right, we’re bringing Zen Pond back, and this time there will be a whole lot more Koi breeds for you to choose from.

It’s about time to dive into the tale of Koi in the Eden world of Jelly Key.

zen pond iv god s creation artisan keycaps 4k (3)

Zen Pond fans, where you at!! We’re excited to announce the giveaway for Zen Pond IV – God’s creation artisan keycaps. It’s your chance to win a free keycap in a sequel to the magical series that has been taken the keycap world by storm with its Eden effect. Enter now and bring your own Koi home!

Look how simple it is to win the magnificent Kois so make sure to join the giveaway today! And you can download 4k wallpaper of this series here.

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and this is the result

zend pond sa cherry oem keycaps 180

With over 85 keycaps and 250 varieties of Koi fish in this collection, we need to be very careful in casting each fish. The casting method helps create a more graceful feel for the fish, whose tails also become longer and thinner. It takes around 16 hours for the fish casting to dry completely, which is longer than usual. We use a special type of resin to create delicate pieces. Unfortunately, we have to dispose of a lot of items in order to have the qualified fish with this method. But we are willing to take this risk to produce a perfect pool of Koi fish inside our keycaps.

More particularly, we choose a completely new production technique that has never been used before at Jelly Key to take another step in innovating this unique collection. The technique creates 3 parallel color rays, resulting in a high and realistic contrast on the background. This particularly helps highlight the beautiful Koi fish.

The Kois are then made with different depth levels to create special Eden effect. This step takes a lot of time to do, especially when it comes to working with Koi fish as they are placed on various layers of clear resin. The amount of time and efforts is much more than other Zen Pond collections but it is very rewarding because we can produce an another amazing collection of God’s creation. Our iconic Eden effect creates a unique keycap to its only owner as there is no other single person that has the same item.

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