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[Giveaway] Born of forest: It listens prototype

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In the first story of Born of forest, Johan was in fact, born of the forest. After dropping like a stone, he landed on the ground in the middle of this mystical woodland. Something as bright as torch flame flashed through the vines and trees, followed by a giant shadow of darkness.

Johan was born of forest

Johan woke up a few hours later, feeling dizzy and disoriented. Where he was standing stretched through an endless grass field amid a magnificent rolling forest. In the distance, the towering rock mountains were covered by snow. Beyond the grass, the area was surrounded by pine trees. A house – that’s exactly what he’s finding, which nestled peacefully by the edge, fell asleep soundly in the dark. He looked up to the sky and saw a strange glowing band of cloud arching over him.

What a beautiful Milky way!” a familiar voice said. “Welcome to Godka Valley where it is born of forest, Johan.”

Ever since he was dropped straight into Godka Valley, Johan has fallen in love with this magical place. The forest where he is living holds powerful sources of charm within itself. It keeps giving him more and more adventures to uncover every day. Used to be a man that sat in a local bar full of strangers, Johan now becomes a curiosity-filled natural dweller who always yearns for voyages of exploration deep into the forest.

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