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Giveaway Arowana artisan keycaps

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Asian Arowana is also called “dragon fish” in Southeast Asia, stems from their resemblance “Chinese Dragon”. This piece share the features of large metallic scales and a pair of barbels with Chinese Dragon, an explanation of why arowana fish is considered as an auspicious symbol in Asian culture and belief.

Fantasizing with Zen Pond keycaps, our artists had turned these two epic concepts into an aquarium of eden. We’ve got 4 different puzzle pieces of the aquarium that each contain a distinct colour arowana as their natural haplotype varieties: blue crossback, red-tailed golden, golden and super red arowana. Our artist did their best handmade skill making the arowana sculpture as natural as their most agility and grace body contours.

We will randomly pick three in four of them to give away in our raffles on Jelly Key Discord channel, on Reddit and in our Discord. It’s a triple giveaway from Jelly Key.

Are you still reading?

Oh yeah! We haven’t done saying yet about our next artisan keycap design that also the next group-buy from Jelly Key. It won’t be this Arowana artisan keycap. What? Not this Arowana fish? Yes! No. :)) We won’t confuse you more.

Here the rule of the giveaway: Just calm down, enter your real email, and we will export sequence number to random, please use your real email.

Jelly Key  will roll 3 times by using and choose the 3rd number as the winner.

The close time is: 2PM GMT + 7, Aug 9 2018

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