"Best Artisan Keycap" in 2016 that was held by Deskthority - Craftmanships

“Best Artisan Keycap” in 2016 that was held by Deskthority

It’s almost a year since the first time we start to make artisan keycap. From that time we have already produced 58 keycaps and most of it has a flat design.

We chose to make keycap with the flat design because we believe in the possibility of twisting the material inside and ability to hand processing the surface of the keycap rather than just only focus on the shape of the keycap itself.

The possibility of twisting the material inside of the keycap is endless, and it depends on your imaginary. You can even put the whole galaxy on your single keycap. Inside of each our keycap, there are different materials mixed with a right ratio to ensure the visuality. For some keycap, the material has to be placed accordingly to the original design like the design of our famous flag keycap American Flag, Canada Flag, Korean flag, to name a few. For less complexity, you can look at the Trass and Lava Keycap, or Jingle Key, each element is placed based on the brief of our chief artisan.

The surface of the keycap is also a place for us demonstrate our ability to transform from rough to smooth and shiny. The surface has to be hand processed with various stages to ensure the stunning visual while reflecting the light.

Jelly Key will stick with our initial concept about designing keycap and extend our creativity to other things that related to handcrafted products.

We would love to let you know the most valuable thing to us is the recognization and the support of mechanical keyboard communities from around the world. One of this recognition is the “Best Artisan Keycap” in 2016 that was held by Deskthority.

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Some Nebula keycap in Jelly Key Gem collection

Some Jelly key artisan keycaps model

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