8-bit Series II prototype Giveaway: The Pipeline Bots will Bring You Luck! - Giveaway

8-bit Series II prototype Giveaway: The Pipeline Bots will Bring You Luck!

When an advanced cyborg crew of special forces in our 8-bit world is called for a very important mission, they immediately answer without a single thought of whether they will succeed or not. Now there’s a chance for you to win free keycaps in this collection; why not join now?

8bits series artisan keycaps 2041

This giveaway ended and we will send 5% coupon for this Groupbuy to your email when this group buys open next week.

  • Click the link above and enter your email to join the giveaway (one email please use one time)
  • We will list the emails and roll 3 times by using random.org and pick the 3rd number as the winner.
  • We will choose and ship randomly in this collection.
  • The giveaway will end at 4/30 11 PM GMT +7
  • We will send 5% coupon of this Groupbuy to your email, you can unsubscribe at that email.

Considering what the cyborg crew has to go through to accomplish their mission, this should be a breeze! Just one last thing to remember: subscribe to our mailbox to get the latest updates from Jelly Key and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Now we wish you all the best of luck!

What essentially inspired us to create a sequel to the first 8-bit series was how you welcomed it with such open arms. All the feedback for this collection has been wondrous so that we decided to produce and release the 2nd series, although we have to admit that the difficulties are evident.

Back in the production of the 8-bit series: Pipeline City, we dealt with the characters’ tiny size, from moulding to colouring them. The details had to be as concise and lively as possible, making the work ten times harder. The condensed time was another challenge, taking up to 8 hours to finish each colour layer. It’s also the time it took for just a single step: our artisans had to spend roughly 8-16 hours on each stage of creating a completed keycap in this collection. But all of these can’t stop us from making something you’ll love the 8-bit series II: Pipeline Bots.

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