The Creative Process

Acquire inspiration

  • Ideas are everywhere. It surrounds us
  • The environment around us inspire us the most


  • Listing down the ideas. We acquire and provide each idea
  • We then find intriguing concepts from these ideas

Concept sketches

  • Visualising our imaginations, into paper, so that we could make sure that the concept is doable
  • This is also important to analyse the capability of the concept production

Demo prototype

  • It’s time to make this concept keycap into a real product
  • This is the demo production of the concept


Peer reviews

  • We create samples to get feedback
  • It is rare for a prototype to be perfect at first go


  • Once we collect the feedback, we revise it and acquire more ideas and inspiration
  • The most appropriate responses will be certainly applied to develop the products final form


  • We create the final version of the keycap
  • The product is then ready to be launched


  • The keycap is on it’s way to the store. Are you read